Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual

Display and Design

Saturated colors 6-inch HD-display

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dualThe extreme brightness

This phone for two SIM-cards Xperia T2 Ultra Dual equipped with a 6-inch HD-display TRILUMINOS ™ (720p) with wide viewing angles. It is based on innovative technologies TVs Sony BRAVIA®, so that gives you an extremely bright colors and high definition images.

Display TRILUMINOS ™ Display mobile - incredibly realistic colors

Unique technology TRILUMINOS, designed to display Sony, extremely realistic transfers all natural shades of color - things the way you see reality. Incredible shades of red, deep blue and emerald green help create vibrant and natural landscapes and sea views. However, better skin tones transmitted, making the face look natural. A unique and innovative technology Sony TRILUMINOS Display provides much wider palette of colors keeps the naturalness and brightness of the image, making it deeper.

Tech Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 - truly intelligent screen

Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 - the second generation of our technology recognized by Mobile BRAVIA® Engine. The new version offers improved viewing experience through high-definition, fine control color reproduction and noise reduction, and thanks to the new optimization of the contrast in real time. Tech Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 is also able to analyze data format and adjust the image accordingly. The combination of technologies Mobile BRAVIA® Engine Reality Display with 2 makes HD-screen smartphone that truly intelligent

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 2

This Android smartphone is equipped with Sony's display that automatically adapts to display the best content.

1- Increase Contrast

Contrast enhanced pictures and videos because darkest areas are darker. This underlines detail.

2 -Color Management

Colors were brighter and deeper saturation by increasing a range of colors. Intelligent software Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 reproduces color just as you see it with the naked eye.

3- Noise reduction

Distortion and noise are reduced when streaming video of low quality from online sources such as YouTube. Inhibition noise occurs for each frame separately and when changing personnel, providing a clearer picture.

4- Filter sharpness

Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 applies the filter field to increase the overall level of image detail. This effect is achieved thanks to underline the contours and increased contrast without increasing noise intensity.

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 3

The big screen, the maximum portability

Telephone for two SIM-cards Xperia T2 Ultra Dual features a large 6-inch display, but it is surprisingly easy, portable and stylish. We have achieved this, significantly increasing the screen size relative to the size of the phone. Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 4For this model, their ratio is 73.7%.

Easy to control with one hand

Xperia T2 Ultra Dual keyboard is equipped with easy switching capabilities for the introduction of one hand. Keyboard for one hand, centralized dialer and notification area with easy start doing this smartphone is the perfect device.


Xperia T2 Ultra Dual equipped with a camera that allows you to capture images of exceptional quality. 13-megapixel camera is based on the same components as digital cameras Sony, has a matrix Exmor RS ™ mobile technology and support for HDR photography and video.

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 5
Optimal auto. Outstanding photos.

In auto Scene Recognition camera detects up to 36 stories - from night-lit landscapes to close-ups - and automatically adjusts the settings to help you make the best pictures anywhere and anytime. Since automatic Scene Recognition default it on or off depending on the HDR function plot. When it is activated, the camera creates multiple images with different exposures, which are then combined to more natural pictures even under shooting against the light.

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 6
HDR mode for photos and videos - in natural colors under any illumination

"HDR (High Dynamic Range - High Dynamic Range) - a technology that enables you to take clear pictures even in high kontrazhuri. In the HDR camera of your Android smartphone shoots the same image with different levels of exposure and nasharovuye received images to create an optimized picture. And with HDR mode for the video can be shot in high contrast. You get excellent video even if your subject is near a window or on a background of the sun. "

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 7
Exmor RS ™ Mobile - stunning images in all lighting conditions

This camera consists of the same modules as the leading camera Sony. Exmor RS ™ Mobile - the result of the evolution of image sensors from Sony BSI sensor light of the new generation. Applying technology to reduce color noise and brightness, we have created a camera that allows you to take pictures of extremely detailed low noise even in low light. You can now also play facilities with more saturated colors and images to create night and person with exceptional clarity.

Applications for the camera

Your phone for two SIM-cards Xperia T2 Ultra Dual camera installed programs that allow you to make your photos more interesting, spectacular or just perfect. In the pre-installed software, there are many programs available for download. Go to the camera viewfinder, and then click "Programs +" to see the available programs.

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 8Social live - stream precious moments in real time

With Social live broadcast can be every precious moment of life live on Facebook. Get an answer from the second right on the screen and continue to communicate in real time.

Portrait retouch - stylish portrait photography

People in your pictures look great. This exciting program allows you to use different effects for portraits. You can in real time to check the result of the effect, and then take a picture.

Sequence mode Timeshift burst - only the best photos

With Xperia T2 Ultra Dual you really get the best camera phone. This intelligent device lets you frame 31 only two seconds - since even before you click the shutter. Scroll up and down to select the perfect photo or leave them all.

The effect of augmented reality - Add humor to your photos

Switch the camera mode effect augmented reality animation and add fun to your photos. These themes can be fully customized to yourself or easily edit by selecting any of them, from dinosaurs to sea creatures. So if too many fish in the sea, just remove some fish.

Defocusing the background

Blurred shots in front or rear plan. Background defocusing effect creates a small depth of field and makes two photos with different focal length settings, allowing you to combine different depths.


Quad-core Snapdragon ™ - lightning speed

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 9The current quad-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon with a clock speed of 1.4 GHz provides maximum performance, speed, and unmatched graphics without draining the battery while. Run multiple programs simultaneously, view a web site with instant download or play streaming video without interruption. Snapdragon processor is asynchronous, ie its core run and disabled independently of each other. So you get exactly the power that you need at the moment, without wasting battery power unnecessarily.

The main advantages:

1.   Lightning fast speed
2.  Longer battery
3.  Improved multitasking options

Incredibly fast technology LTE / 4G

Your Xperia smartphone has a built-LTE / 4G-modem. It provides lightning Internet connection with download speed of 100 MB / s and sending data 50 MB / s.

Much longer battery STAMINA mode

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dualSmartphones consume a lot of energy, even if they are not actively used. All programs that are installed on your smartphone Android, can run in the background, reducing battery life. STAMINA mode saves battery power. It detects when the display is not in use and automatically turns off unnecessary features, leaving the required notification. Once you press the power button to turn on the screen, all functions will be restored.


Unlimited ecosystem connected devices

Sony rich experience in the field of consumer electronics can offer you a wide range of products with the technology to support NFC. Choose from more than 100 high-quality and innovative accessories Sony: from wireless headsets to TVs BRAVIA®. They all work in concert, so it is the best way to connect your smartphone to all your devices in a snap.

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 11

How many hours do you no longer have to connect different devices at home? Now in the past. Our devices with NFC technology can interact optimally, because this technology provides a quick and easy way to connect your computer only one touch. Browse photos and videos from your smartphone on your TV. Play music on your wireless speaker or wireless headphones. Forget cables, buttons and settings. Only entertainment - everything is so easy.

Connecting one touch

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 12Touch to connect the device with Android Xperia to SmartWear to feature NFC. Get notified manage your music and use other functions on your device SmartWear, which at the same time to record all that you do.

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 13Listen to One Touch

Play music from your smartphone via Wi Android NFC-speaker or wireless headphones Sony.

Reflection One touch

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 14View photos from the phone to the TV. Just touch smartphone with a Bluetooth enabled device to the TV remote control BRAVIA®, to activate the screen reflection.

Sharing one touch

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 15One touch share photos, music, and other content between two phones or between a phone and a laptop that supports NFC.

One Touch Backup

Overview smartphone sony xperia t2 ultra dual 16The photographs created using a smartphone, tablet or camera Xperia, you can now keep in one place. Sony Personal Content Station ™ - a wireless device to store photos and videos.