How will the market for smartphones and tablets

You can be completely satisfied with your gadget, acquired back in 2013, but is not interested in what's new - just unreal. What new smartphones and tablets will be released in 2015? What new technologies will adopt the gadget? What effect this will raise the market for mobile products and accessories?

These apparently simple questions heated interest and enthusiasm of many people to the technologies and their evolution. In the end, it is the users determine how the market will look like smartphones and tablets. However, if there is one thing that we know for sure - is that the trends that are "born" at the end of one year, and will be popular next. Let's see what the trend came to us from 2014 and grow in 2015.

1. 4K technology will become more common in expensive and high-quality devices

The new mobile platform is already flaunt their ability to take pictures and videos with 4K resolution (pixels 4096h2160, or about 4 times better than HD). Как будет выглядеть рынок смартфонов и планшетовUnfortunately, the computing power of mobile devices makes it impossible to watch the video in all its 4K-luxurious quality or play games with such a resolution. Let's hope that the release of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810 will correct this situation, and it can easily cope with huge loads. Tablets and smartphones will inevitably doomed to reproduce images and videos in this format - and this, in turn, will lead to the technical challenges of video services and applications developers.

2. Increase the popularity Phablet

Phablet - a hybrid device, something between a tablet and a smartphone - a great opportunity to invest money, especially when you think about it, what equipment to buy in crisis.

Whether we like it or not, but Phablet will not think to disappear. Как будет выглядеть рынок смартфонов и планшетов 2This new class of devices that its size had crossed the border between smartphones and tablets, appeared on the market in 2013, and then a considerable enthusiasm for him had not noticed. However, a storm surge of popularity Phablet obliged to Samsung Galaxy Note , Nexus 6 , and Huawei Mate 7 , which literally turned most people's notion of habitual gadgets. It is logical to assume that in 2015 they will be even more popular - despite the fact that their size is not too compact, there are many users who lose their heads from the gadget capable of one of its kind to stop the car 🙂

3. 2015 will be the year of social networks

Applications that allow people to constantly be in touch, meet and share experiences - social networking - are booming in popularity, especially among young people. Как будет выглядеть рынок смартфонов и планшетов 3At the international mobile market Viber, WhatsApp and Skype has long been listed among the most frequently used applications. Want to contact a classmate? Download the electronic lecture notes prepared by the teacher, and send it to classmates? Negotiate with colleagues to postpone the meeting for a few minutes? To post photos in Instagram, being on vacation? Application for instant messaging and social. network - a thing not only for entertainment and a waste of time, but also for work. The truth is simple: people want to keep in touch with each other gently, and social. network with this easy to handle.

4. On the horizon, there will be new energy-saving technologies

For each of us no longer a secret: the smartphone battery is often not enough for a day (a few days no one even says). Как будет выглядеть рынок смартфонов и планшетов 4Less than a year, as users massively started to pay attention to the problem of different vendors, and along with themselves involved in the case - can be counted much rather successful attempts to solve the problem quickly discharge the battery, and many of them are promising. From the manufacturer, which plans to release the phone on electronic ink to a Harvard student who is developing a new type of battery - and thus the trend of energy saving, which seems to have captured all, even before the 2016 year, we have a real opportunity to hold in your hands a smartphone that will be depleted much slower current models. In the end, battery manufacturers are spending a lot of money to fund research projects to be explored, and the ability to outdo the limited capacity of the battery, very real.

What do you think: what will be remembered for the mobile market this year? What an outstanding show us? What surprises to expect from him? Write us in comments, share your opinion, do not hold in itself!