How to protect your computer from viruses Network

How to protect your computer from viruses Network

Often it is necessary to install software (software) from his questionable sources. The reasons may be very different. Not always reliable sources may be available to residents of the CIS for the price. And more often than desired program it is quite difficult to find.

All of us are connected world wide web. Without it, even the already difficult to imagine our life. Whether we like it or not, one way or another have to deal with the environment, on which we do not have full control. What could happen then? Can you protect yourself 100% from various parasitic elements found in the computer world?

After talking on the subject c friends and co-workers, I was a kind of mini statistics. Some members such questions do not burden themselves, and then to disentangle the effects. It is a dangerous course of action. There are two other, with opposing views, which take place between the supporters of constant controversy.

Some believe that the anti-virus software can protect us 99% of all existing threats. It should be just in time to update the anti-virus database is constantly monitored and regularly scan your computer.

Others believe that antivirus software does not need. And if you do the necessary maintenance rules, you can protect yourself 100%. They also believe that the virus problem is far-fetched, and serves only to pump the money in favor of the anti-virus software developers.

I’ll try to objectively comment on both sides, without going into the technical details. For simplicity, in this context, the viruses I will understand not only the virus, but also worms and Trojans, in a word all that evil, which prevents us to live and work productively.

1. Both viruses and anti-virus software is software that uses their work with similar mechanisms. A lot depends on how skillfully use these mechanisms developers of each party. With all things being equal, ruled a ball the one who first got control. Therefore, anti-virus installed on the infected computer can not detect anything, even if the infecting virus has in its database. If a virus enters a computer with pre-installed Antivirus, in the absence of the first in the second database, the situation can be unpredictable.

Frequently, the installation of various software components, antivirus, download free antivirus by the way, you can follow the link, give out a lot of different information (depending on settings). A standard user is not able to correctly interpret the information. Most often it is simply annoying. In turn, if the virus during its installation, use only the documented means, then the antivirus program is not possible to distinguish it from any other installed software.
And if the virus at the same time establishes a kernel driver, the control of it would have lost even if it gets into the anti-virus database in the next update. The only way out of this situation – rapid completion of antivirus database. And it will always happen with some lag.

2. Prevention is certainly important and necessary. In most cases, it does help to avoid many problems. Even such simple actions as the Internet access under the standard user account is already a decent defense. But we must not forget that in any system vulnerabilities and have the virus, using them can cheer privileges. In the absence of anti-virus (or other specialized programs) can not control all critical points in the system. And if we are working with an administrator account, then there is no sense to continue on …

Most viruses have an effect either my mistakes or strange behavior of the computer (brakes, hang, etc.). And if there are no errors? If everything works cleanly and smoothly, whether you can be sure that the computer is not infected? Can we, without any tools, know for certain what is going on in the system and feel completely at ease.


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