How to choose an e-book-reader in 2015. The Video

Как выбрать электронную книгу-читалку в 2015 году. Видео

Sooner or later the idea to buy an e-book comes almost every avid reader. E-book - it's convenient, do not need to carry a suitcase favorite books. From now on, all the volumes, and a series of publications contained in one compact unit. The main thing - the right to select it. What do you and will help to make this article.
What should be display in the e-book?

Screen e-book - it's almost the most important element, so the display to be the most picky and attentive. The minimum size of the diagonal - 5 inches, maximum - 11.5 (in fact you hold the device with a diagonal A4 sheet). Regardless of the size of the diagonal, e-books can be equipped with a display based on electronic ink technology E Ink or LCD (LCD, TFT) displays, similar to those used in laptops, smartphones, etc..

For the health of your eyes prefer "electronic paper". E-book, made by technology E Ink, simulates real paper and completely harmless to the eye. An important argument "for" LCD screen will display color and more features are supported, for example, viewing videos and photos. If you are looking for an e-book not only for reading, and for a more universal use, maybe you should pay attention to the plates?

Как выбрать электронную книгу-читалку в 2015 году. Видео

Returning to the diagonal size, let me give some advice: do not chase for high resolution screen. On the one hand large display is really convenient, more text, you have less to scroll and scroll. But let's think logically. Why do you need a reader? To read. Where do you usually read? On the way: in the car, on the train, on the plane, in the bus on the way to work or university. And you take a book with you on a trip to the hairdresser or a place where you know that 100% will stand in line for a long time (eg in ZHREP :)). In general, it does not matter where you take it. The key word here is "taking". E-book - it is not a static thing, respectively, and the size of the book should be such that it can be taken with you anywhere to easily fit in a handbag, jacket pocket or jacket.

By simple conclusions we come to the conclusion that on the market popular screen sizes of 5-7 inches is a great solution especially because weight is minimal: from 150 to 250 grams.

Как выбрать электронную книгу-читалку в 2015 году. Видео

How to choose an e-book to a file format that supports it?

Everything is very simple. The basic format of the book on the Russian Internet is considered fb2, if you plan to download books from the network, and you need to look for a device that supports this format. Popular formats are also html and txt. To view catalogs, magazines, the scanned picture books and illustrations are intended format pdf and djvu. Various documents of the office of destination often stored in the doc and doch. This is an important point, so pay attention to it.

How to choose an e-book with Wi-Fi and sufficient memory?

Rationally choose the reader with enough built-in memory or expandable with cards SD, SDHC (microSDHC), Memory Stick Duo. What memory size to choose? On average, 512 MB easy fit about 2 thousand books. Make decisions regarding the size of the drive, based on this fact.

Как выбрать электронную книгу с Wi-Fi и достаточным объемом памяти?

As for the Wi-Fi module, the most modern ebook able to connect to the network (mainly in order to download books without having to connect the device to your computer), and some have access to 3G Internet (eg, Amazon Kindle 3). But PocketBook Pro 902 in addition to Wi-Fi is also Bluetooth. Of course the presence of such modules - additional convenience, but also additional costs.

To keep a long time

The e-book with LCD-displays use a battery from 1000 to 2000 mAh, which provides 3-7 hours depending on the activity and nature of use of the device.

Interestingly, the energy E Ink display is not measured by time work, and the number of pages viewed. This is a huge advantage for people who buy e-Book for the intended use. Let's count: if an average of one book consists of 300 pages, according to the battery capacity in 7000 browsing, giving you the opportunity to read about 23 books without charge. Therefore, reading while traveling and at bedtime for a few months, you will forget about recharging.

And flipping quickly!

Specifications CPU is more important for devices with LCD-display and electronic books, which will be used not only for reading. The value of the microprocessor clock frequency have ranged from 33 to 800 MHz. Yet note this figure by choosing an e-book, it is important - it determines the speed of the device. In any case, much more pleasant to work and read if all queries will be executed immediately and without delay.

Sensor or not?

Until recently, the majority of e-books used by hardware buttons: a pair of keys to scroll through pages and navipad to navigate through the menu. And in fact this set is enough, but we have irreversibly entered the era of touch-sensitive controls and manufacturers of electronic books have decided to keep.

Electronic books are fitted with resistive, capacitive, inductive or infrared sensors. The first to respond to anything: and stylus and touch. Capacitive screens only respond to the touch of fingers and some special stylus, but in the winter in order to turn the page on this screen have to remove gloves. Although I can hardly imagine how the winter you can read a book on the street, except that on the run :).

To work with a screen equipped with inductive sensor, you need a special stylus but a bonus for this "fad" You will get a better image contrast (due to the fact that the sensor itself is installed behind the display).

Finally, the most artful technology - infrared. In this case, the sensor is mounted on top of the screen is not even and not under it, and the edges: with two adjacent sides are emitters, and with the other two - the sensors. Touching your finger to the screen, you break part of the rays of the grid and the reader calculates the coordinates of the point of depression. Therefore, the infrared sensor reacts to any object, if only they were opaque.

Как выбрать электронную книгу-читалку в 2015 году. Видео 4

Readers with touch controls and more convenient (especially for those with touchscreen phone, you'll be on the machine to poke a finger in the display of the book). The presence of the touch screen will be important for those who want to use the additional features: dictionaries (stylus easier to highlight a word), notes, search for words, etc.

So The

Before you buy a reader, consider what you need it. If the reading for you - it's only addition to surfing the web, listening to music, viewing photos, videos, games and programs - then forget about E Ink. This will be wasted money. Better - carefully look at the tablet computer. Perhaps that is among them you will find a device that fully satisfy your needs.

If you read in the evenings or on the road and want to spend their free time with their favorite books - safely buy the device at E Ink, pick the most optimal, in your opinion, the diagonal note on devices with touch controls, Wi-fi module and support MP3.