How to choose a notebook stand?

How to choose a notebook stand?How to choose a stand for a laptop? Do you want a long and effective use of a laptop? The device is always hot, and it is not comfortable to work with? Then this article is for you.

Most laptop overheats from contamination by dust, floor openings of the cooling system, "heavy" games. Cooling stands are designed for extra cooling and a comfortable use of the device at all times.

How to choose the necessary stand for a laptop?

When choosing a stand should be taken into account several important parameters.

Stand or table?

There are two types of supports: standard rack-mount and table. Simple Stand compact and convenient stand-table has more functionality, but more cumbersome, so it has less mobility.

How to choose a notebook stand? 2

The size of the stand.

System notebook is necessary to ensure adequate air circulation, so choose the stand in accordance with the size of a laptop screen. Typically, most notebooks have a size of 15.6 ".

Material stand.

Producers use three types of materials for the stands: plastic, metal, wood. Holders of plastic are light weight, affordable price, however, have low heat dissipation. Stands of metal (usually aluminum) have good heat dissipation, but their price is much higher. Stand wood looks great in any home or apartment.

How to choose a notebook stand? 3

Cooling stands.

There are two types of cooling in the stands - active and passive. Active cooling type involves the use of additional fans to circulate the air. The use of additional fans gives little noise (30 dBA). Passive cooling type does not use additional fans, cooling occurs by way of the absorption of heat by the material of the stand.

The level of the angle of the stand.

Many people are comfortable working with a laptop when the keyboard is at an angle from the surface. This increases the visibility of the keyboard keys, so it is more convenient to use a laptop. This option for each individual, so try to substitute a laptop some solid thing, and appreciate the difference. Some stands have an opportunity to adjust the angle.

How to choose a notebook stand? 4

Additional functions.

The presence of additional functions can improve the usability of a laptop. Some stands are optional: USB-ports, a card reader, the lighting, the ability to adjust the fan speed.

We hope this article has been helpful to you, and you can select the desired support.