Download fashion for World of Tanks 0.9.10 from Pro tanks, Jove, Amway921 and 40 tons

Updated 30/09/2015

Multipack from PRO Tanki for World of Tanks 0.9.10

Download fashion for World of Tanks 0.9.6


It is recommended to set this update with a complete cleaning of the old mods folder.

For convenience, was released two versions of the assembly:

Full (multipack extended version) (includes olenemer and many other interesting mods)
Light (lightweight version mod pack without olenemera)


Multipack from PRO Tanki is the best build mods (IMHO).

The mod pack Pro tanks entered only the best of fashion, which tested a dedicated team of testers and all crashes and bugs have been removed to a minimum. So you can rest easy and not worry that the game passed out in the midst of battle. For convenience, select the desired modifications to each of them displayed image when you hover over the name.

Here you will always find the newest and latest version of Pro modpaka tanks.

Download Multipack from PRO Tanki for WOT - 0.9.10 (basic version)

Download Multipack from PRO Tanki for WOT - 0.9.10 (Extended Version)

Advanced and basic modpak from Jove to release World of Tanks 0.9.10

Download fashion for World of Tanks 0.9.6 2


Fashion from Jovi - is a set of the most useful and necessary modifications for the game World of Tanks. Here are collected the various sights, improved panel damage, light bulbs, aiming angles and much more. To install this assembly mods you will only have to download the installer from our website, and then choose the most interesting in your view mode and proceed with the installation.

She always seemed in two versions:

Fashion Jovi from the basic version

Extended version differs only in the presence of modpaka Advanced Zoom x25, as well as the statistics included olenemera, all other modes in it are the same as in the basic version. This is due to the fact that the assembly Jovi published on the official website, and strongly supports the SH. But to all this was done, there is one condition in modpake should not be olenemera because developers do not like it. And so we have to wait for the extended version of the assembly mods Jovi couple of days after the release of the base. But it's worth it.

Because the team always tries to do Jovi modpak most convenient to use, to maximize the information content at the slightest subsidence FPS. This modpak will be indispensable for each tanker, it will help you survive and win in the toughest battles. Setting fashion once they certainly like you to continue to play without them just do not feel like it.

Assembling of mods Jovi for World of Tanks 0.9.6 replace the items on the game interface is better, adding a lot of additional enhancements and changes. You will be much more information available about your opponent than before. As always in the assembly will not be enough exclusives and many interesting things, so be prepared!

Here you can see the complete list of mods that went into Jove Modpak 0.9.6:

Super sight Jovi.
Transparent eclipse in sniper mode.
Various panel damage.
Clever mini-map, in XVM, and alternative.
Bulbs "The Sixth Sense" + voice for them.
A variety of voice.
Informative markers.
Zoom modes.
Transparent skin camouflage and white corpses tanks.
Extended range overview maps with landing mist.
Statistics for the session.
Wot Replays Manager- program to work with replays.
WoT Tweaker - a program to increase the FPS by disabling various effects

After the release of 0.9.6 update to the list of mods Jovi add more than 10 exclusive mods:

the best at the moment, calculator armor with the angle of penetration of the projectile
direction trunks enemy on the mini-map
range for shooting from the bushes inviz
fashion white corpses tanks and caterpillars
improved in x25 zoom sniper scope
Three new sight
xn tanks in the ears in two versions

Download modpak base from Jove to version 0.9.10

Assembling mods from Amway921 for World of Tanks 0.9.10

Download fashion for World of Tanks 0.9.6 3


Amway921 is the second most popular after modders Jovi and he just released his mod pack. Assembling mods from Amway921 for World of Tanks 0.9.6 includes only those modes that plays itself Amvey921 and no more waste. The result is that it has become very popular as well, because it does not have such a large selection of mods in modes Jovi and do not have to choose what to put fashion and which are not.

To make it easier to navigate the entire installer mod pack from Amway921 equipped with many ticks, pictures, signatures, all of this is done in order to make it easier to select the desired mode. Also noted in the last paragraph of the installer, you will display information about a new version of the assembly mods. Try to always update to the latest version, especially immediately after the upgrade, because then updates modpaka will leave a lot to fix all bugs swim. More details about that also contains fashion pack a look at the video.


Follow the instructions of the installer, selecting the appropriate mode.
Run the game as usual.

Here you will always find the newest and latest version of modpaka Amway921.

Download assembly mods from Amway921 for version 0.9.10